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Update 1-6-23

City of Miami Order of the Unsafe Structures Panel  2-10-23

Habitable Bldg Occupancy Report 02-14-23 

Frequently Asked Questions
& Answers 11-28-22

Engineer Exterior Condition
Report 11-3-22

Frequently Asked Questions
& Answers 10-13-22

Engineer Electrical Inspection
Report 2-22-21

Engineer Technical Specifications
for Concrete, Stucco,
Waterproofing & Painting
December, 2021


Update 7-24-23



Engineer Certification of Compliance-Parking Lot Illumination 2-22-21

City of Miami Order of the
Unsafe Structures Panel

Habitable Bldg Occupancy Report 2-8-24 

City of Miami Recertification Compliance Agreement 8-19-21

Engineer Exterior Condition
Report 5-16-22

40-year Recertification Structural Project Update 4-5-24


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